27 October …


I know … I know … I’m late. 

I’ve been busy. 

The big event this week was Mark’s surgery.  He has had a bum knee ever since high school football.  It has now been repaired. 

He is handling the no-weight-on-that-knee restrictions pretty well.  And as soon as it is completely healed, they’ll fix the other one which wasn’t as bad.


Tuesday was the monthly trip to the retinologist in Medford.

Weather was good so we didn’t need to bundle up.  However, as we left about 0800 it was still cool and there was mist over the spots where there is water … as in this picture where the Shasta River wends toward the Klamath northwest of Montague.

It was interesting to really look at the landscape.  This year we watched it turn from fresh green to thousand tint green to flowering to lush to beginning to fade to now …glorious colour. 

Frost and/or snow next month?  Won’t matter … we have plenty of firewood.

The madrones are part of the change.  Last month their bark was bright orange.  This month it is shredding and peeling off.  I had never before given a thought to the way madrones reproduce … but this trip it was very obvious that there are male trees and females trees … some trees with loads of bright red berries and other bare.

Nature never fails to amaze and entertain.

We did have some rain last week.  Not very much, but any is welcome.

With the rain came some gusty wind and overnight the red maple was striped nearly bare.  The leaves were blown all over and are a bit of eye candy.  Nice …

The clotie tree in the courtyard is eye candy as well …


At the radio club meeting last week the summer events were wrapped up and the year’s activities are drawing to a close.  Next event will be the swap meet and potluck tomorrow.

As Presiding Officer, I have never had a gavel.  Whenever the meeting threatened to get out of hand, I had to speak louder than the rest to get things back on track (the whisper ploy didn’t always work).  But one of the members handmade me a set. The gavel itself is of Port Orford cedar and the base piece (I can’t recall its proper name) is a beautiful piece of oak.  Now all I have to do is learn how to use it.


AC is not dead!  He came home three days ago … more rotund that he had been so wherever he was, he was eating well.

Our first encounter after his return was a rub-the-feet greeting with purring so loud you could hear it without bending down.

It is nice to have him home even if it is only until the next time he decides to roam.


Last Saturday I was able to plant some perennial bulbs to brighten next spring … daffodils and narcissus and fritillaries. I’ll keep an eye out for more bulbs, mainly lily-of-the-valley.  But no tulips.  The deer love them and will go out of their way to get at them to eat.


Events around here the last few days/weeks have led to the thought …

Don’t leave unsaid how you feel about those in your life.

So … ‘til next week …