20 April …


Big event last week was John’s visit.  Main reason for the visit this time was to get a look at what is needed to get this year’s garden underweigh and to get his scanner working correctly so he can eavesdrop on the trains running through Marysville.  The visit was greeted with rain and snow.

However, the weather cleared and the results of the visit were …

I enjoyed seeing, touching, and hearing my son.


The family now has 12 pints of strawberry jam, 5 pints of strawberry preserves, and 4 pints of strawberry syrup to see us all through the coming year.


My printer is functioning correctly once again.

George was able to get the scanner programmed and John can now track the trains while waiting for a photo shot.

The fruit trees got their initial pruning.  They will be tracked the rest of the year to guide future pruning.

Initial planning for the garden is in place (I have some chores I need to get done in the next week or two).

I found a couple of “repair” gifts after John left.

16 April 2016

He got a lovely shot of the Mountain.

I am Blessed.


Stove 2The picture of the new stove was a surprise.  The stainless is so polished the side of the stove disappeared because of the reflection.  Oh well …


More experimenting with the new oven resulted in several good things.  I found a magazine of recipes using cast iron cookware, so I tried the buttermilk biscuits baked in a cast iron skillet.  Wow …

I’ve been doing breakfast biscuits for many, many years but never had any as light and flaky as those last thursday morning.  In the magazine there was a hint about folding the dough over before cutting (the way you fold puff pastry but without the layers of butter).  I don’t know how much of the success was due to the dough folding and how much was due to baking in the skillet, but whatever the reason, those were really flaky biscuits.

I’ll do it again.

Then I did scones, also in cast iron, but the pan I used was too big.  The scones didn’t rise, they baked like crackers.  Tasted okay, but next time I will use a smaller pan.


Stars Across the MeadowThe Shooting Stars out in the meadow are coming into display.

In spots they look like a carpet …Meadow Stars

Stars and Garlic



and they share space with wild garlic.



I spent yesterday at the Family History Center for a training session.  I am now more comfortable with helping “clients” use the Church’s Family Search program.

Those of you who use RootsMagic for maintaining  your family pedigree … did you know you can connect straight to the LDS site so that any new information posted on Family Search can be shared to your records?     Yup …

Tools … File Options … Web Hints … Family Search Web Hints … fill in your info and wahla, you’re connected to a helpful source.

I’ll be attending another class tomorrow and possibly another on saturday.  If I learn any other good stuff, I’ll share.


Radio club meeting this evening.  Lots on the agenda as we start into the summer season.

Still no solid news about the Summit Century but new equipment and club house repair need to be discussed.


Just a side thought, but has anyone noticed that the diameter of the cardboard tube in the center of the toilet paper roll has increased?  

The roll looks the same size, but you’re getting less paper.  



Solar Dryer



Used the solar dryer last monday for the first time this season.  I have another load to go out as soon as this is posted.



20 April 2016

Sun this morning, but a bit of a snap in the air.

First Lilacs

Lilacs are coming into bloom.  Sorry the light (and my lack of expertise) doesn’t let me show you the colour, but the buds are there.  More (hopefully better) photos next week.



Lesson for this week from Carl Sagan …


” … it can be dangerous to believe things just because you want them to be true. You can get tricked if you don’t question yourself and others, especially people in a position of authority. … anything that’s truly real can stand up to scrutiny.”


So … ’til next week … keep asking questions.