May Day Post (or is it MAYDAY!)

Hi everybody!

DIBELKA, Mark G.; PastorMark (the youngest son) here, and I’ve a note from Mom, received via email from Dad:
“Please post to blog page No Post this Week. Details ASAP. Thnx. ILY. Mom”

This is the kind of stuff in which conspiracy theories take root.  Cryptic messages, acronyms, and promises of information to come.  While I’ve been assured that they’ve not been taken to Lemuria or the Lost City of Mu, Mom is just not able to post this week.  Hopefully she’ll be back next week and you won’t have to deal with me again.

Personally, I think it’s because I sent her a book and she’s afraid to tell me she didn’t like it.

Shameless self promotion time: you can also check out my (sometimes spotty) blog presence at

So, ’til next week –

Peace out, yo!