26 October …


Weather = wind and rain.26-november-2016



michaels-tree                                        Still a bit of eyecandy remaining.


Yreka last wednesday was interesting.  Temperature when we left home was 32° and there was ground fog over the reservoir and all along the pastures in the Shasta Valley. 

There is a good crop of autumn calves to admire this year.

As we went up old 99, it was not yet dawn at 0700, but we saw two school busses.  I remember taking the boys out to the school bus stop in the dark during winter months.  I don’t recall catching the bus in the dark when I was riding a school bus, but then I lived a lot further south.

While we were in Yreka, we did some shopping (there is a Grocery Outlet up there and although they don’t always have what I want, when they do have it the price is good).  And George needed to pick up medication at the WalMart.

At WalMart, I checked on the price of a shingles vaccination … again … to see if anything had changed.  Nope.  Still $230 not covered by MediCare.  And RiteAid is even more expensive.  Oh well …




The reason for the trip to Yreka was for George to get his semi-annual blood draw.  He goes for the check-up in a couple of weeks. 

As usual following those fasting blood draws, we went to Poor George’s for brunch. 

plaqueI really like the sign over one of the booths … it makes me remember being a kid and so makes me grin.

I suggested they put it on the menu someplace.

Might not be a bad idea for family kitchens.


While we were in Yreka, George and I delivered our ballots to the County Clerk’s office and collected our “I voted” stickers (saw in Facebook that women in the Rochester NY area are putting their “I voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s gravemarker).

One year I went up to watch the vote count in Yreka.  Siskiyou’s clerk has it all set up openly and invites anyone to come watch.

If you’re bored, suspicious, or just curious … check out your precinct or clerk’s office. 

Too bad there aren’t civics classes in middle and high schools any more.  Vote count watching would make a good field trip.


Some time ago I asked about the position of a negative in a phrase… remember?  Is it “to NOT do” something or “NOT to do” something? 

Well … ran into another language situation a bit ago.  I saw the phrase “wrong mistake” and, going with the rule that a double negative makes a positive, I wondered if the speaker really intended to indicate a “mistake” which was actually a positive and therefore a lesson.

Wondering what others thought, I posed my thought as a question.

I am still convinced a “wrong mistake” is most likely not a mistake at all, and can indicate a hidden lesson.

I can, at this point in time, attribute my question only to the difference in the teaching of language and the value of words which say what you mean.

I need to work on using my words more carefully so my meaning or thoughts are more clear.

Oh well …


My grandkids brought me a tee for the holiday …



Our trip to Medford yesterday was good.  The rain held off until we were nearly home.  Several days of autumn wet ahead.  Time for baking, reading, spinning, and a new Murdock disc.



Found this a few days ago and think it is poetic enough to share.


Winter is an etching.

Spring is a watercolour.

Summer is an oil painting.

Autumn is a mosaic of them all.

…              J. Horowitz


So … ’til next week …