14 October …


Spinzilla 2015   5966 yds


Spinzilla is done for this year and I didn’t do quite as well as last year … 5,866 yards.  That is about 200 yards short of last year.  Oh well … there is always next year and I learned a couple of lessons which will help me improve next year regardless of any obstacles life produces.



Following the blood draw last week, we searched out Poor George’s at their new location just off I-5 at the central Yreka off-ramp.  It was an approach-avoidance situation.

Poor George'sThe personnel was the same.  They told us the cook was the same.  We saw some recognizable faces at the counter.  There were a good number of locals judging by their clothes. 

But …

The decor had changed considerably.  In the past it was downhome, local, farm house wood walls with mis-matched kitchen chairs and plain white ceramic mugs.  It is now white plaster walls with sterile booths and lighter weight mugs for coffee which now costs $2.00.  Coffee used to be included with the meal.

If it actually is the same cook, he has changed his style.  Previously, the hash browns were fried in butter.  This time they were fried in some oil so heavy that George’s stomach situation flared up and he wasn’t able to eat his breakfast.  I was able to eat mine (we brought his home in a box), but my omelet was also oily and sat heavy in my mid nearly all day.

We haven’t decided whether we will give it a second try (we’re due back in Yreka for another fasting blood draw the end of this month), or if we’ll look for some other place.

I’m sure they are making more money now.  Too bad if profit has again spoiled something.

Oh well …

~~~Run Morning

Saturday was the last of the radio events for this year.  The pool from which to recruit volunteers was diminished  … surgeries and cancer treatments and depression and change in residence and new jobs and new relationships and …

The club managed to do our thing and collect kudos in spite of all that. 

The event people talked of dropping the half-marathon and going with only the 5K run next year. When I said something to the effect that they probably won’t need us for that, the response was that having us around gave them all (the planners, sponsors, and participants) a real sense of security.  So who knows what we’ll be facing next year.  I spent some time drawing up plans for that contingency.  We’ll be ready whatever.

Next on the radio club agenda?  A winter holiday potluck dinner.

Wood Sorting


But now the chore is preparations for winter.  

Woodshed Inside


Last week, on our way home from the blood draw (we’ll learn the results in a week or so when we see the NP again), I saw something I’d not seen before.  In south Yreka, to the west just off I-5, there is a community garden … a small one granted, but it is one.  And where there is one there are most likely others.  Congratulations Yreka.


If you aren’t interested in philosophical musings, I suggest you skip the following.

I recently saw a list of all the versions, in various religious practices, of what westerners call the “Golden Rule”.  Some are written in a positive vein, i.e. DO … some are put negatively, i.e. DON’T …

That difference got me to thinking about how the rule is interpreted and practiced, and which presentation is inherently more moral.

Thinking back to raising children, I can’t recall which got the desired result more often … do or don’t.  I tend to think don’t requires more thought before action.  You are asked to understand what you do, or don’t do, and be ready to defend your decision.  With do all you need is say “That’s what I was taught.”

I have a feeling this will pop up in my thoughts over the next days and months.  You will hear more …


I’ve been following the political machinations … sort of … and have come to a couple of decisions.

  1. The election process, i.e. running for office, lasts too long.

Two years of campaigning?  Ridiculous.  If you are a working stiff, forget it.  There is no way you can take off two years to run for office.  So, by default, those who govern come from the upper, wealthy classes.  What does that say about “representative” government?  Look at the personal wealth of nearly all the current candidates.  Anyone in your tax bracket?  So how can they really understand you and your situation and do a valid job of representing you?

… and 2.  What the candidate actually believes about any issue is important ONLY in a primary.  When making that choice, it is important the voter, in order to make an informed choice, know where the candidate stands on the issues in which the voter is interested.   Once a party candidate is chosen, their personal opinions should no longer be important since they will be elected, or not, as a representative of their constituents and should vote, when required, in accord with the preferences of those constituents, not exclusively their own beliefs.  Chances are the two will mesh most of the time, because the majority elected them and they most likely agree on most things.  But when the representative disagrees with the majority of their constituents, their vote should reflect the people … not themselves.  For this reason, to me Saunders’ defense of his votes on gun issues rings hollow at this stage of the process.  I know he voted in line with the opinion of the majority of voters in his state while in Congress.  Right now, I’d like to know what he personally thinks.

You will probably hear more about this subject as well.  After all, we have more than a year to go.  Oh well …


Morning Sky

Clouds this morning so no overall dawn light. 

14 Oct 2015


But I do have an interesting and true quote from a cook …


“Learn something new every day or you’re cheating yourself.”

Emeril Lagasse


So … ’til next week …