29 September …


This is being posted a day late because we left about 0145 wednesday morning to get to the Medford airport in time to put the kids on the plane for home.  I took a less-than-an-hour nap and spent the rest of tuesday-wednesday night visiting with the kids, so when George and I got back to Cold Comfort yesterday morning a bit after 0630 … I fed AC, let the hens and the pullets out, came back to the house and went to sleep.

It was essentially a lost day.

I am no longer able to stay up all night and function anywhere near normal the next day.

Oh well …


Short note in re the debate last monday … it made it a lot easier to decide for whom to vote.


The grandson and his intended t-thad a bit if a problem getting here … but they finally arrived last thursday morning. breakdownThey had been driving … with a stop in Ft Collins, Colorado to visit a friend. 

Just north of Salt Lake City their car gave up the ghost.  I’m not a vehicle expert so I can’t give details, but the upshot was that it needed a completely new engine.  It was not a new car (they’re young and just getting started so most stuff is second hand as it usually is at that age). 

After consulting with his Dad, it was decided that Tyler and Tiffany would pack up as much of the stuff from the car as they could carry and fly the rest of the way.  All the stuff remaining in the car, and the car itself were then donated to a charity.  Tax write-off time.

George and I drove up to Medford to get them and we got an extra couple of days with them, so it wasn’t all bad.

sunset-22-sept-2016There had been a sprinkling of powder snow on the Mountain tuesday. so she was lovely for their first sunset here.

George and I had committed for a radio event on saturday and the kids went with us.airport-station 


My station was much the same as usual … 





and the view of the eastside of the Mountain from George’s station was lovely.



We all did the tourist thing on monday.  Before dinner (at the local excellent Mexican restaurant), we drove up the Mountain to Bunny Flats.  hikersThe kids took a hike while George and I enjoyed the sun and air.

Then, while we were in town, Tyler wanted to show the town (all two blocks of it) to Tiffany.  George and I don’t do the walking thing so much any more.  While they went sightseeing and shopped, we went to the city park, found a place under a big oak, and napped. It was lovely.nap-site

The rest of the time was just being together at Cold Comfort with Tyler showing off the land where he spent summers for so many years.




While they were here, they got engaged. 



Other than that, things were mostly pretty laid back. 


28-sept-2016The maple has really coloured up for the season.  Temperatures are due to get cooler.  Days are shorter.  We were able to see all but one of the family this year.  Life is good.


The High Holy Days begin next sunday.

A person had to deliver a very important message to a man in a synagogue on Rosh Hashana.  The usher wouldn’t let him in because he didn’t have a ticket.  “No ticket, no entrance!”  “Please,” begs the man, “I promise … I won’t pray!”

Time to reflect on the past, correct our mistakes, plan for the future, and pray for a healthy and sweet year.

Blessings …


spinzilla-stash-2016My stash for Spinzilla is ready to start spinning.  I’m concentrating on white this year so I will have yarn to experiment with dyeing.

I’ll do better with blog timing next week.  I gar-on-tee.  

Only scheduled event between now and then is the Headwaters Ultra Marathon next saturday.


So … ’til next week …