30 August …

 Earlier this year, the doctor who has been our primary care giver for many years dropped his private practice and became the local VA doc.  I’ve told you that before.

However, because of that, my first appointment with a new care giver is early tomorrow morning. That is the reason this is being posted on tuesday.


New York family left about 1700 friday evening.  They will be moving west sometime in the next three years.  Mark wants Paul to go to school in Mt Shasta.

As I was straightening up I realized the house was soooooo empty and quiet.  I get the same feeling when John leaves after a couple of days.  This was a bit more intense.

But I slept well that night in spite of the empty quiet.


Here are a couple of pictures taken while my younger grandson and I were spending time together.Nuna and Paul

Time is precious when you become a grandmother this late in life.  I’ll be lucky to see him graduate high school. 

At least I can create memories.


My computer has been giving me trouble for a few weeks.  Booting up was taking longer and longer.  One day last week it took over two hours to reach usable condition.

Mark did as much as he could under the circumstances since he had holiday expectations (he worked with the local Masonic Lodge serving a dinner for all the local Law Enforcement head men on thursday, had an evening with a high school friend, and  friday was packing day for the return home) and he did not have the correct tools available. I was able to make a full backup of my information with the exception of back emails. 

To address my problem,  Mark and John got together and John arrived saturday evening with parts and tools to do the repairs. 

I’m computer challenged, so I can’t tell you what happened or how it was fixed with the exception that there was an extra hard drive in the tower (of which I had been unaware and which wasn’t obvious until the side was taken off) which seems to have suddenly begun confusing the start up operations.

At any rate, I am once again able to use the computer as I have been accustomed to doing.

A hearty thank you to both my sons.


Gene Wilder died last weekend. A friend posted a short video from one of his movies in which he leans out of a train door and blows a kiss.  I teared up.  Mercy journey, Mr. Wilder and thank you.




AC is one smart cat.  He has learned the sound of the front door closing so when I go out to feed him, he meets me half way.

I have learned something as well. 

When he meets me he is not sure which way I am going so he sticks close to my feet making the chance of a stumble or stepping on him pretty good.  So I picked him up to carry him part way until he is on known ground.  I picked him up by putting my hand around his torso just behind his front legs.  He fought and twisted.  Then it dawned on me that is the way a predator would grab him.  A mother cat carries kittens by the nap of the neck.  So the next time I pinched the skin on the back of his neck to carry him … and he curled up and started to purr … loudly.

Interesting …


While he was here, Mark smoked several racks of ribs.  But I already told you that.


My point is that we enjoyed bacon and one great meal before they left, there are several meals waiting in the 7-11 freezers,  and my kitchen still has a lovely aroma.



We once again have two functioning vehicles.

George (and Mark) got the Toyota running again.  They were able to get the replacement axle in place by pounding on it with a rubber mallet and it drives well.  The brakes still need a bit of tuning (we won’t be using it regularly until that is done), the front seats will either have new covers or be replaced, and it needs to be thoroughly vacuumed. 


It’s fire season. Humidity today was 14% and there was wind.

Four fires …

Grade fireThe first was two miles north of Yreka in the Hawkinsville area. It got big, took out some buildings, and was too far north to offer any danger to Cold Comfort Farm.

Gap FireOne is down river between Seiad and Hayfork which is too far north and west of us to be a worry. But it is the big one. Nine thousand acres so far.

Another was over the mountains to the west in Scott Valley near Moffat Creek … closer but also no danger since the wind has never come at us from that direction.

And one, which could have been a problem, was to the south near the Mt Shasta Resort and Lake Siskiyou. Winds from that direction and the lack of “developed” land between there and here put us on alert.  But the Forest Service, CalFire, and local volunteer groups hit it hard and fast and it was controlled in less than four hours.


Last night the wind shifted and this morning we had smoke from the Gap fire down river.


The cycle of the year is becoming very noticeable.  It is still dark at 0600 and the sun is gone by 1830.  It seems just a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t go out to close in the chickens (and feed AC) until a few minutes before 2100. Friday evening I went out at 2000 and the chickens were already in. Tonight I went out at 2000 and it was almost too dark to do without a flashlight. Tomorrow I go out at 1950.

It won’t be long before we are back in the time of year when it is still dark at 0800 and is again dark by 1530 . I will soon have to move AC’s living quarters near or in the barn in anticipation of bad weather … probably when the hens move back to the winter house, i.e. in with the pullets (who are due to start laying in about two weeks).


And finally … I found this some time ago and now seems like a good time to share. 


Don’t miss the boat
Build on high ground
For safety’s sake, travel in pairs
Stay below deck during the storm
Don’t forget that we’re all in the same boat
Don’t listen to critics – do what has to be done
Plan ahead – it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark

Stay fit – when you’re 600 years old, you might be asked to do something REALLY big.

So … ’til next week …