6 July …


My friend from the “New Mexico State Insane Asylum” (where George and I spent our honeymoon in a small apartment over the main entrance into the Administration Building) arrived on the 3rd.  She was with me on the 4th and seemed to enjoy the experience.Liz & George

The crowd was average.Before the Start  Last year participation had been down due to weather and wildland fire smoke. This year the temperature was just right …Morning Sky and the sky was lovely.

Long Rifles


The Long Rifles (black powder rifles) were there







(including Digger O’Dell, the mortician)

to start the walk/run …


then the taiko drums took over the beat until the last of the 4,600 participants were on their way.Capture

This year I did Net Control for the walk/run and then went to the corner by the City Hall for the awards.

After the awards and the raffle (a Weed resident won the new car), we split from town (too many people there), picked up three Papa Murphy pizzas and headed home.

This is the easiest, most laid-back of our summer commitments.

July 2016



Liz will be leaving this afternoon to return to Seattle. We are all getting so old we may not have a chance to “visit” again, so we really enjoyed this time together.



Tired of hearing about the radio events?

Two done. At least four to go … plus the swapmeet and potluck. Depending on what the club decides to do about the Tulelake, Medicine Lake, and Whiskeytown rides, maybe six or seven left for this year.


I went to see an ophthalmologist last week.  First eye exam I’ve had in a whole lot of years  I always dread going to a doctor.  They do tests and I have long-term problems with test taking.  I know … I know … not the same kind of tests.  Tell that to my chronic test anxiety.  If it’s a “test”, I have to get a good grade!

At the eye doctor’s, I got good news and bad news …

Bad news first … my eyesight is no longer that of a 20-year-old.  And my right eye (OD) is a lot worse than my left (OS).

Good news … the cataracts I was warned about twenty years ago, when I was told I would not be able to see if I did not have them removed before I was 75, have not gotten any larger. This time I was told having the right cataract removed might help with the right eye seeing double problem, but it is a 50-50 crap shoot. The cataract in the left eye is not big enough to offer any problems and so needs no attention. There is no residual scarring from the time I ruptured the blood vessel in my right eye nineteen years ago. There are no signs of retina or macular problems. My left eye sees 20/25 and needs little or no correction (I don’t know how to read optic scripts … guess I’ll need to learn) and prescription lens for my right eye should solve, or nearly solve, the problems there. I will get the script filled next time we are in Medford. 

Because of the rather large difference in my eyes, Dollar Tree glasses are now out of the question.

Barring problems, or the decision to have the right cataract removed, my next appointment is 7 July 2017.





The catalpa has come into bloom



6 July 2016and this morning is clear and bright …

There is no other news.


I can’t recall who said this or where I found it, but …


It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult.


So … ’til next week …