15 June …


Last sunday there was a rip in the Force …


The attack in Orlando brought some thoughts to the fore.  The officials stated they would be investigating this as a terrorist act. 

Duh …

It is interesting that Americans seem to think a terrorist act can be committed only by foreigners or those with whom we disagree politically or morally.  Why?  Isn’t terror terror?  Is it terror only when committed by “others”?

Weren’t Sandy Hook and Oklahoma City and Mother Emanuel and Virginia Tech and San Ysidro and the University of Texas and Columbine and Aurora and Umpqua CC and way too many other events acts of terrorism?

In my mind terrorism is terrorism and hate is hate … PERIOD.

And to see some say the shooter was Muslin and a Democrat so that makes it a sure thing POTUS and Democrats all will automatically blame Republicans and gun owners … ???

Except for a geographical distance, I could be among the personally affected grieving mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and friends.

Life is getting SCARIER and SCARIER … for more than one reason.


By this time next week, the sun will have started the trip back south.


Here follows the Saga of the Orphans …

Thursday's Kittens

I found two beautiful black, blue-eyed kittens in the summer chicken house the evening of the 9th.  They were out there, calling.  I don’t think they could eat any of the chicken feed.  I believe they were looking for companionship. One came to me readily.  The other was a bit more reluctant.  But I gathered them and took them back to the house.  Their bellies seemed too flat.

I can only guess that either their mum abandoned them or somehow she has gone missing.  We have some neighborhood dogs who are allowed to run free (although that is illegal), some coyotes, and a bobcat or two in the area.

At any rate, I felt they needed to be fed … and cuddled a bit.

Then we took them out to a spot where, in the past, I had seen Mumcats hide kits and tucked them in with a couple of rags for warmth.

Friday morning, when I went out to take care of the Lady hens, I took out some body-warmed milk (I had put some in a bottle and tucked it in my shirt) and checked on the kittens.  Surprise !!! There are three of them. 

The two from the night before were ready to be picked out of the cubbyhole and fed. The third was a bit reluctant, but learned how to lap up the milk with no difficulty and joined the other two in my lap when they were finished.

At the midday feeding, all three were out in the open, soaking up the sun. When they saw me, they all came around to feed and then climb up for petting and soothing words. I was a bit concerned about them being so out in the open since we have rather large hawks and owls. But I decided I would feed them and cuddle them, but otherwise I had to let Nature take its course.

Saturday morning was a bit of a downer.  Only two kits.  By saturday evening, still only two and they had begun to follow me away from the hidey-hole.  That could be dangerous.

So beginning sunday morning I took care of the ladies first, letting the kits cry.  Then when I went to them, I played with them first rather than wait until they were fed.  After a short playtime (I want them to stay used to being touched), I poured their milk, saw that they found it, and immediately left.

Monday morning the two of them showed up, but the runt was slow and didn’t eat as much.  Monday night, I could hear the runt but was unable to get to it or lure it out, so I was holding my breath. 


There has been no sign of the runt since.


The aggressive one began calling me and following me (underfoot) every chance it got and has begun purring when it gets to me.


And as of this morning … no further changes.


Next saturday is the first of the summer radio events.  Currently I’m scheduled for two posts.  I’ll start at Mumbo Summit (my regular station) and then go to Railroad Park when Mumbo closes.  The radio operator scheduled for RR Park has to leave early to officiate at a wedding so I’ll be the relief operator.

Who knows where I’ll go next. 

All I do know is that I’ll be back in the park in time for the catered dinner.


For the first time in a whole lot of months, I had a new breakout of the staph … this time on the inner aspect of my right wrist.  Staph 12 June 2016At first I thought it was my allergy to cat hair, but yarrow for the itch worked only a very short time.  Then, sunday morning the area was red and swollen and when that happens, cellulitis is not far behind.  I started the meds right away when I saw the swelling. 

My allergy doesn’t swell.

Fortunately, I had a supply of the necessary meds.  My previous medical provider had given me an open script once we learned what worked.  But he is no longer my provider and so cannot refill prescriptions for me.  That means the timeline for making the decision in re choosing a new provider has been moved up. Not tomorrow, but within the next few weeks, I need to see a new care provider and have a new medication supply available in case this occurs again what with all the current stress.

Wish me luck …




Pullets (they are no longer chicks) have been moved out of the brooder.  


Soon they’ll join the Ladies.


The rose which has tried valiantly for years to avoid the deer long enough to bloom finally made it.Late Rose


Sometimes it doesn’t do to read the obit page.  Last week I recognized three names, only one of the three older than I am.

Other than all that, this has been a rather uneventful week …

Radio club meeting this evening …


So … ’til next week …


You are living in a beautiful world. Appreciation is the key.