16 September …


Another week gone … busier than I had anticipated.


We had been gifted with apples (so far enough for two pies, two coffee cakes, two apple-honey challahs, a Philly apple cake, and two batches of cinnamon-apple rolls in the freezer as well as a Pink Adobe Pie, a coffee cake, and a monster apple-honey challah – plus plenty for eating and sharing), pomegranates (eating ecstasy and jelly to come plus sharing with a Jewish friend for Rosh Hashanah ), dates (George’s eating joy), and GARLIC … so the kitchen was busy.


The monster challah was because I tried a new recipe which said to make the loaf round in a ring pan … that didn’t seem right for goy challah, so I braided it … I won’t do that again.

The start of planning for the radio club’s participation in the Dunsmuir Elementary School’s “Run for the Arts” half-marathon began with an organizational meeting last thursday. So far, things are under control. More will be solidified at the meeting this evening.

The radio club swap meet and potluck was a full day.Swap Meet

I didn’t have much to do with the swapping part, but George enjoyed it. A non-member guest was quite interesting … Little Bear. More about him later.



The potluck food was tasty and there was plenty of it … but no deviled eggs.


The conversation was engaging, even for non-technical me. And no one said anything about me being the only female there. Guess I am now officially one-of-the-boys privy even to discussions of prostate and bladder problems.

Only bad part (as with all these saturday events) was I missed hearing the San Francisco Opera’s version of “Norma”.  I’ll miss their “… Ballo …” on the 26th as well. Ah, the sacrifices I make for “health and welfare”.

Oh well … next time.



The hummers have left for the winter, but there are still flocks of geese on the lowering reservoir … stopover on their way south even if the reservoir is mostly mud.

                The sound of a wedge

                Of geese overhead

                Once heard, never forgotten.


You know you live in a less than metropolitan area when the biggest news for the last two weeks has been the opening of a burger joint. It even took precedence over the fires !?!


I’ve been reading again (surprised?). This time the news article was about a school at which all employees are working with no promise of being paid. How can this happen in a country where government is charged with educating the people?

Maybe it’s time for the people to pass laws saying no legislator or administrator, at any level,  gets paid (or gets time off) until ALL bills and obligations are paid.


My younger son had to release his companion Loki last week. The vet told him it was cancer and there was no way to extend her life, only to relieve her agony.

It is wrenching to have to perform that service, but one of the most loving acts we do.

I remember when Darby left us and so can cry with my son.


I was at the local Farmers’ Market on monday and saw an encouraging addition this year. The market management tent has a table where food support recipients can exchange card credit for chits to be used at the market. That means the credit used is being spent on good, fresh food … no chips or alcohol available at the Farmers’ Market.


A bit ago I received a couple of “cartoons” featuring Maxine. They were supposed to be funny and patriotic. I found them jingoistic (as seems to be the current fashion … “to profess patriotism loudly and excessively; bellicose chauvinism” as per the dictionary) and was unable to just ignore them.

In the first, Maxine makes a point of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with “UNDER GOD” in BIG, BLACK letters.

I preceded my response by saying it might brand me a malcontent, but …

When I was young we pledged allegiance to the country PERIOD. It didn’t become a nation “under God” until the disgraceful McCarthy era in the early 50s. One of my forefathers (Thomas Lawhorn) signed a petition in October of 1776 addressed to the then Governor of Virginia Thomas Jefferson, with which Jefferson agreed, titled the “10,000 Name Petition”. It called for full separation of church (i.e. religion) and state, an idea which was later written into the new Constitution. I will not recite the “McCarthy” words in part because I don’t know to which God I would be pledging allegiance … the intolerant McCarthy one?

In the other cartoon, Maxine said something to the effect that if you’re going to burn the flag make sure you’re wrapped in it.

I responded … The rules regarding proper flag protocol state burning is the only proper way to dispose of the flag. I’ve seen my Daddy burn a flag. He was a soul-deep, true patriot without any of the excess currently in favor. In addition, flag protocol states it is not acceptable to wear the flag. I cringe, especially at the 4th of July, when I see young women flaunting boobs and booty wrapped in stars and stripes, or babies and children drooling and smearing food on “cute” shirts made of stars and stripes, or fat bottoms sitting (and possibly farting) on shorts or pants also made of stars and stripes. Wearing the flag, possibly other than as a lapel pin or as a picture on an opinion button, is not patriotism. It is a disregard for the flag and, by inference, for the country for which the flag stands and is many times worse than burning, even when the burning is done in protest. Burning is less disrespectful than sweating on or drooling on or messing on or farting on the symbol of our country.

For these reasons I cannot agree that Maxine’s statements were “very eloquently put”, unless the aim was to point out how lack of knowledge or thought can be insulting.


Still on a political note … a poll last week showed that Trump would beat any Democrat in next year’s election.

A character diagnosis in the book I recently read cited a character as having “narcissistic personality disorder” with “pathological egotism”.

Electing Trump might well be the best thing that could happen. He would disgrace the GOP and the country almost immediately making the US the laughing stock of the world and destroying any influence we have in world affairs.

That could be good because before any improving change can occur, it most often must be preceded by collapse. A door needs to close before the new door can open.

Bring in the clowns …


Now … to quote Mort Sahl from long ago … is there anyone I haven’t yet offended?



Waiting for Rain

It rained a bit last monday. This morning we are waiting for more.

The colours of autumn are starting.VA Creeper


Virginia Creeper …Red Maple

                                         The red Maple …

We’re in the High Holy Days … “Help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing.”


Son John and his partner will be here next week. They will help with setting up a new printer for the computers, with some farm safety chores, and with restocking the 7-11  for the winter with goodies from the Olive Pit.

And, OF COURSE, refilling my hugs-and-kisses box.

Kaloo Kalay and Chocolate both².


To end the week …


“The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.”              Chinese Proverb


and …


“Keep moving. It not only confuses them, it makes it hard for them to get you in their sights.”         Anonymous


So … ’til next week …