30 December …


Well … it was a loverly Christmas.  First time in years and years that it was truly white.14 Dec 2015We’d been having snow on and off for several days,30 Dec 2015 Broken Birch Branch



and one of the birch branches got broken.



John and his partner Michael arrived near dusk Christmas Eve.  The house was warm, there were holiday lights on, and the fresh stuff they brought completed the pantry. 

John Decorating 2015

The Winter Tree was late this year and the train suffered a major disaster.  But Christmas Day, John helped decorate. 

Weather cooperated with lovely snow vistas and John and Michael were able to experience some of the magick I am unable to capture with a camera such as the meadow full of sun diamonds.25 Dec 2015 Icicles



However, the wonder of the icicles were one of the things they did see.


We watched some of the collected holiday movies … on Christmas Eve  Patrick Stewart’s “Christmas Carol” (a copy of which we received several years ago from younger son Mark), on Christmas Day  “Mister MaGoo’s Christmas Carol” (a family tradition from years and years ago when the boys were young), and on Christmas Night  “A Christmas Story” (full of nostalgia from when George and I were young).

Christmas Moon 2015

The Christmas Night Moon was lovely and bright.

John and Michael left saturday morning.  As always when family has been here and then left, the house seemed empty for a while. 

Oh well …


30 Dec 2015We had been scheduled to see the retinologist in Medford the 22nd but cancelled due to snow.  Instead we went yesterday.

29 Dec 2015 DawnIt was just barely showing signs of sunrise when we left.  The road was crunchy with overnight ice.  The sky was clear and crystal with reflections where there didn’t seem to be anything off of which to reflect.  Wonderous.

And COLD … but the passes were clear.

On the section of I-5 where you look down into the Colestin Valley it was hidden under a thick fog blanket. There was high fog on the Oregon side of the summit.  We tucked in under it and drove with no problem.

Results of the appointment were that the fluid in the retina is diminishing as is the fluid under the retina.  The delay in treatment due to the snow didn’t seem to have caused any problem.

At this stage of life, no change is a good thing.

Following the appointment (next one the 26th January) we did our regular circuit … Harbor Freight, WalMart (no tax in Oregon), Sizzler and Franz Outlet (where we get third day breadstuffs for the animals and second day loaves and bagels for us … we got one cart of animal feed and the clerk tried to get us to take two but due to a Harbor Freight purchase there was no room in the bed of the truck), CostCo (gas is always about 40¢ a gallon cheaper), and then home.

There had been “weather” predicted, but we had no trouble on the roads.

I always drive after the eye treatments and was dreading the turn from High Meadow into the driveway when we got home.  I had the truck in 4-wheel drive low and 1st gear and made it into the drive with only one scrape along the left side (the turn is sharp to the left and the depth of snow at the cut through was deep).

It was dark by the time we got supplies into the house and the woodstove lit.

George then got all the breadstuff out of the truck and down into the lower barn using a flashlight.  We couldn’t leave it in the back of the truck because our bears don’t seem to be hibernating this year.  They aren’t active up here but are quite active the other side of Old Stage Road and there is no reason to take chances.

We are now in and snug with no reason to go out again until the first thursday in January.

22 Dec 2015 Snow Depth

Good thing because it was snowing again when we got up this morning.

30 Dec 2015 Back Steps with Cat Tracks



About four inches new, and the cats have already been to the back door.




Remember I told you about the sandwich miracle last week?  Well here’s what those sandwiches look like …Sandwiches


Nearly twenty years ago I had a long discussion with a niece about whether it is easier to lose someone slowly or to have them gone in an instant.  She had just lost her husband to a long lingering series of illnesses as a result of the Nam war.  My middle son had recently died in a flaming vehicle accident.

As I recall, we agreed loss is loss however it comes.  You are never ready.

Now, all these years later, I find myself in a similar relationship except that this time I am the one on the LOOOOOOONG road due to age. 

What has the lesson been?    Loss is loss BUT love is love. 

One occurs … the other endures.


Got a note from a cousin in Florida …
I was rereading last weeks blog and you mentioned porcupine meatballs in the menu. Now you know I am a City Boy, and you got my interest. I was thinking that you went out and got some porcupines and made meat balls of them. I do know that they are eatable. I googled them and found out they are beef.  I thought you and your friends would get a laugh out this…
Cuz Don

2016 is imminent.  Day after tomorrow we will be in a new year … watching Sherlock in the evening …

Young neighbors will be here for dinner but probably get home before dark …

“Die Fledermaus” twice (the old one from Covent Garden on New Years’ Eve and the new one currently at the Met on saturday) …

Downton Abbey next sunday.  

Great start to a year.   I am sure it will be filled with much joy, some sadness, and adventures beyond imagining.

Here are my wishes courtesy of Abby Willowroot …New Year's Prayer   

May we all be Blessed!


So, ’til next week …