16 December …


Tonight is the radio club potluck.  We will get to the clubhouse about 1700 in order to get everything arranged so we can eat at 1800.

Pictures to follow.


I was going through some old pictures and found these taken the first holiday season we lived on the farm.

Christmas 1978


Watched a film “documentary” last week which brought back memories of the 60s.  It claimed to be the “Last Testament” of George Harrison and was the tale of how Paul actually died in a car accident in 1966 and was replaced with the aid of plastic surgery.

The first part dealing with the cover-up was a bit dotty (the MI-5 agent involved was named “Maxwell” but not a mention in the entire film about “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”).  The section dealing with the “hints” in photos, albums covers, lyrics, etc. could be quite convincing.  The section about the stress between the remaining three and the newcomer was interesting as was the part about the changes in the attitude of  “Faul” (Fake Paul) toward the “remaining” three and the reasoning behind the marriages to Linda and Heather.

The reviews were also interesting.  Seems the critics were either fully convinced or wrote off the whole idea as bonkers.

What do I think?  I think the possibility is a real long-shot mainly because of the exceptional work done by Sir Paul since.  Of course, the “original” Paul may have been only a rock-and-roll genius and the “Fake” Paul an overall musician.

It occurs to me that DNA could provide an answer.

Anyone out there have an opinion?


Weather report …

Last wednesday – rain and clouds but a bit warmer

Thursday – overnight rain (1.64″)

Friday – overnight light snow continuing through the day without accumulation

13 Dec 2015

Saturday – light snow all day

14 Dec 2015

Sunday – Snow

11 Dec 2015

Monday – Cold with light snow and icy roads

Dawn 15 Dec 2015

Yesterday – Repeat of Monday

115 Dec 2015  Icicles

This morning –  Still beautiful.


Only two more sundays until the start of the final Downton Abbey season.

I dislike seeing “spoilers” about what will happen next in a series.  They have been nearly impossible to avoid with the upcoming Downton Abbey season.  I wonder why I should bother to watch if I can see all the important plot lines by watching the “coming” announcements.


Modifiers …

Friday morning a report on NPR was that some students somewhere had been suspended for wearing what looked like KKK headdresses with eye holes cut out on their heads.

And from a newspaper bulletin … Deputy Shot in Head While Responding to Call in Critical Condition.

Educators should be ashamed that even those who depend on words for their livelihood don’t have the tools to say what they mean and leave the listener to decipher what that meaning might be.


New book is “The Witches  Salem 1692” by S. Schiff.  Pretty dull read, but with some interesting information and opinions about the Salem Village area at the time.

Genealogical research has shown me that, in my paternal line, I have “ancestors” in that area on both sides of the event, i.e. accusers as well as witches.  Some were both.  Through Schiff’s research, I understand the situations and motivations a bit better.

But I also need some light reading, so I will be entering the world of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency again.


Opera last weekend was “Rigoletto”.  The current Met production is set in 60s Vegas.  I am looking forward to its appearance on PBS’s Great Performances.  It would be nice if the filmed performance was one in which Dimitri (remember Dimitri?) sang Rigoletto.

Listening last saturday left me with a couple of thoughts …

Last saturday was the 100th anniversary of Sinatra’s birth and it was in 60s Vegas that the Sinatra this nearly 90-year-old still enjoys, as she did when she was 13-years-old, was replaced by the Rat Pack and mobsters and EGO to become a you-lucky-people-here’s-me singer.  Oh well …

Fortunately I never saw that Sinatra, and except for the Vegas heavy recordings, I still have the floppy tied young man with whom I fell in “crush”  via the original recordings.

The other thought was that Anna Netrebko better look to her laurels.  She has been the Queen of the Met for a few years, but her title is under attack. The newcomer who sang Gilda is well worth following               (Nadine Sierra  –  in rehearsal  http://www.metopera.org/Season/2015-16-Season/rigoletto-verdi-tickets  scroll down to the Cara nome clip).


In conclusion …

from a young woman I know who is living a love filled nightmare 

“So yes, live  Live  LIVE.  If you get nothing else from this entire tragedy, let the one thing be that you LIVE.”


 and courtesy of Cotton Mather as per the introduction to “Witches …” Chapter 2 

“But who can tell what miraculous things I may see before (the coming) year be out!”



So, ’til next week …