9 December …


Volunteer session at the Family History Center last week was cancelled. 

It started raining tuesday night.  There was a lot of strong wind.  When the wind is blowing, and is high up in the air, the trees sound like surf. 

By thursday 0930 it was snowing, so I let them know I wasn’t coming in … better to be snowed in than snowed out, even though I know I’d have a bed at either Laura’s or Marty’s.  By noon there was about 2′ of new snow.

3 Dec 2015 - 1200

Not going to the Center was sort of a disappointment. I’m doing some research for a friend and am at the place which requires access to international records, so I was counting on using the Center’s International Ancestry connection.  Oh well … next time. 

By dark we were approaching 4″.

3 Dec 2015 - 1600

The scene when I went out to take care of the ladies was beginning to resemble a calendar photo …

View from the chicken House

Lovely … but the phone was out and the ISP connection was out as well.  We were set back on our own devices … and were even forced to read !!!

Don’t throw me in the briar patch …


Speaking of reading …

I finished the Rowling mystery.  Once I got past not caring what colour the wallpaper was, it wasn’t a bad read.  In fact, I had narrowed the possible killer to two, then thought I might have missed something and expanded that to three, then finished reading and found my third choice was hers.  I like it when I can’t anticipate ahead of the author.

But, like many authors nowadays, there was way to much c—, and f—, and other unsavory words for my taste.  I guess I’m too old fashioned and the current looseness with that kind of language annoys me.  It doesn’t necessarily “offend” me.  I just wish the culture hadn’t deteriorated so.  The language is so full of a wonder of words, it is a shame the language isn’t being taught so people have full use of its expressiveness.  The overuse of those words require the reader or listener to make assumptions about which inference is actually meant so you might not be hearing what the speaker actually had in mind.

Oh well …

Haven’t yet decided if I’ll go any further with the Galbraith novels.

Next up … further English history with an emphasis on women, a Kellerman mystery, and something off the NPR reading list.


Every day one or more mass shootings. 

At least two fairly close “neighbors” have rapid fire weapons.  For what purpose?  You can’t hunt with them … any animal would be rendered such a mess there would be no edible meat left. 

I remember the time Daddy took Mama hunting and her first shot brought down a really nice buck with a shot through the eye.  Lots of meat available there. 

And in a roundabout way related to the original subject … if you have been following me, you know I come unhinged over misplaced modifiers such as “I spoke with him on the phone in his office.”  If I was using his office phone, where was he?  If we were in his office, why did I need to speak on the phone?

… and sometimes the modifier comes first as in the much quoted and often misunderstood Second Amendment …


My younger sister-in-law had an 80th birthday last week.  I remember clearly when she was 20 and I had just given birth to my first son.  We were so young.

I cherish a life which provides me with such memories.


We watched “Awakenings” last thursday evening.  Robin Williams was a better actor than he was ever given credit for being.  And De Niro was amazing.  I’ve worked in a mental care facility (in fact, spent my honeymoon in one … but I’ve told you that story already) and his physicality in the role of Leonard demonstrated pretty good understanding and was worth an Academy Award. 

Too bad money or sentiment or something else bought that year’s awards for others.

As I finished watching, I was wondering what has followed that research and if it proved to be replicable and useful.


Seems the grave marker discussion isn’t done yet.

I received this from a high school mate last week.  I was in the same class as both of these folks.Anderson Grave Marker

This is the marker atop what will be their shared grave in the hometown cemetery … (the strange colours in the center are their son taking the picture).

George reminded me, when he saw the picture, that Irene was one of two people who were friendly when he first came to Hemet.  The other was my friend Nora Mae.

Not me.  It took me a couple of years … but he didn’t like me either back then.

Oh well …


There is an outdoor theatre on the coast of Cornwall which I look at every day and wish I had been able to visit, the Minack Theatre.  It is built into the cliffs (with the English Channel as a backdrop) and that reminds me of the Ramona Bowl where I grew up.

Since those days as a dancer in the Ramona Pageant, I’ve taken speaking classes and been involved in little theatre … so when I look at that stage I fantasize about what monologue I should prepare for the chance that some day I might stand in front of those rows of seats and take my turn.  Maybe the straw-in-my-hair speech from “Three Tall Women” or one of the funeral memoirs from a three short play collection the name of which I have forgotten or maybe the opening scene (rewritten for one) from Stoppard’s “Rosenkranz and Guilderstern Are Dead” (the one with the pennies) or maybe something from Shakespeare. 

I will never have that experience (although I will continue to fantasize about it) but a few days ago I smiled broadly.  As I looked at the video feed from the theatre at about 1400 their time, there was a young man, facing an empty theatre, emoting his way through who knows what monologue (there is no sound with the video). But it didn’t matter …

I felt like cheering …


This morning it is raining and promises to do so all day.  The snow is mostly gone.

9 December 2015

We will be off to Yreka in a bit.  Property taxes are due tomorrow. We’ll do some shopping and have dinner out.  It will be a good day.


Thanksgiving Day is past, but …


Let’s all be grateful for the Blessings to come.



‘Til next week …