25 November …

While we were in Oregon yesterday, about 4″ of snow fell here at Cold Comfort.  We’re into three-comforter nights.

Home 25 Nov 2014

Kaloo Kalay !!!


This has been a difficult month … occasionally it has been a task to find something for which to be grateful … a task but not impossible.

I am overwhelmingly grateful for life, family, friends, food, shelter, warmth, hope, snow, and a slew of small things like bacon and books and morning sun and stars and season changes and the smell of soft rain and snow and …

I have a gratitude jar and seeing it reminds me how blessed I am.


Last week, at the Family History Center was interesting … but don’t tell the LDS folks. 

Some time ago we were told church rules forbid men and women working together unless they are a married couple, and that no non-member was to have access to the church without the presence of a member (i.e. not have a key).  Two hard and fast requirements.

But necessity rules.

Last thursday the “Sister” with whom I usually work was in Texas for the wedding of a grandchild. Harry Hall from Dunsmuir and I worked the shift.  We are both married, but not to each other, and neither of us belong to the LDS Church. But we were there, doing our bit.  Oh well …

It was an uneventful session, so no harm done.  Just don’t tell.


I am currently reading the first of the mystery novels by JKRowling.  The beginning three chapters were difficult.  I’m a story person and those chapters seemed to be focused on how a place looked. 

There is another mystery novelist who spends paragraph after paragraph on how the characters are dressed.  I’ve learned to selectively scan those paragraphs for clues and get on with the story.  Once I made the connection in re style, reading “the Cuckoo’s Calling” got easier. 

I will wait on an evaluation until I’m further into the novel. 


With winter holding off for such a long time, we had been seeing abnormal amounts of road kill of all sizes (I’m not sure what a “normal” amount is, but this has been abnormal).  As a result, the crow population has grown and hawks are everywhere.

Road Kill



It also made me think of a book I received from a cousin years ago.




The amateur radio club has begun planning its holiday potluck.  So far the “guest” list is approaching twenty.  The club house main room is not very big … about 20’x20′ and there are cabinets and shelving on two walls.

I doubt we will need the heater and it will probably be a good thing we are all friends.


As you know, we made a trip to Medford for another eye injection yesterday.  Rain and snow had been predicted for monday night.  It hadn’t really begun by the time we left home, but we had allowed extra time to get over Siskiyou Pass.

Snow Fog

On the Oregon side of the  pass we ran into fog …

Approaching the Summit

and snow.

Coming home 

Appoaching home 24 Nov 2015

this  awaited us …

Appointment results were much the same as always … the injections are maintaining the condition of George’s eye, but there is no real cure.  

Next appointment … 22 December with the caveat that if weather interferes, we can call and have priority for rescheduling depending on our ability to travel.


I was able to find a nice turkey for a dollar a pound in spite of the scare over bird flu decimating flocks.  It is a well-rounded, 13 pound hen.

Turkeys had been on sale last week ($9 for a 10 to 14 pounder), but that was only with a $25 purchase, so this hen was a good deal.  We are counting on finding another for Christmas. 

I already have ham for New Year’s.

The turkey went into the brine this morning.  The bread for stuffing is torn and ready to season.Cranberry Sauce 

I made the cranberry sauces last weekend (while listening to “Candide”). 

And this year we decided I should make pimento stuffing for the celery instead of buying it.  It turned out pretty good thanks to the pimento stuffed olives John brought us from the Olive Pit.

Our young (55) neighbor, who is a home health care nurse, may be here depending on the condition of his patients.  At the very least, he’ll share some leftovers.


A few weeks ago I discussed the question of what each of us wants on their grave marker. Interestingly, I didn’t get any replies.

I’ve given it a bit of thought, and although there will be no grave for me which will allow marking, if there were I would like it to say something along the lines of …
She was not perfect, but she loved and she tried.


Rainbow Fiber

Latest spinning was this “Rainbow” fiber from a wool producer in New Zealand.  Not sure (yet) what I will do with it.  Maybe a Rainbow Shawl. 




Last saturday morning, as I sat at the computer, I noticed that the sun was hitting the west wall in front of me.  That made me think about the sun shifting from north to south and back again. 

The windows out of which I look while at the computer are on the south side of the house.  It is only during a few weeks in mid-winter the sun comes in through them.  And in mid-summer, sunshine comes in the north windows in the dining room.

The ladies are up on the roost by 1645 nowadays.

25 Nov 2015  -  1

Winter Solstice is nearly here.  Aaahhhhh, the Holly and the Ivy.


Overall, I find Anne Frank may have had it right …


Caring and love come from sharing with others and discovering our common humanity.


Anne Frank


Were you aware the Frank family had been among the Jews seeking asylum early during Hitler’s reign who were refused entry into the US? 


Interesting, no???



So … ’til next week …