12 April …


 All  those years I lived in southern California I thought I knew what seasons were.  Now I really know, or I would if they would fall into order.  Last week (blog time, i.e. wednesday to tuesday) began with snow, rain, and wind on thursday. 

First RedThrough the rain streaking down the windows I saw the first signs of the red leaf buds on the maple tree out front.  There are more apricot and plum prunings in the house, but the trees in the courtyard are not yet in bloom (although they are hinting).  And the iris are showing all over the place.  

But here is how it has been …

6 April 2017 Evening

The evening of the 6th …

7 April 2017

the morning of the 7th …

8 April 2017

the 8th …

12 April 2017

and this morning …

Daffodils in Snow




The bulbs were hunkering in the snow …

AC Footsitter                                    and AC became a foot-sitter.

I am waiting for the dandelions in the back yard.  They are always good for salads and the “Spring” tonic.  I’ve tried jelly only once, but I may give it another go this year.

I am also rethinking the growing areas around the courtyard.  My nephew, who is King of the Hostas, will be here for a visit next week.  I plan to pick his knowledge for where I might place a hosta patch.  I’ve seen some hostas with incredible greens and greens are such a joy.

In Dunsmuir the seasons are (as I told you recently) Fishing, Tourists, Hunting, and Locals.  Here at Cold Comfort they are Buds and Blooms, Radio Events, Putting By, and Relax and Enjoy.  I’m told that in India there are five seasons.  And a friend in Louisiana says their seasons are Pollen, Summer, Football, and Tornado.


The radio club is already thinking about our involvement in summer events, both biking and running.  George and I will begin cutting back on our participation for a couple of reasons.  1.  We’re not as young as we used to be … and 2.  It’s time for younger hams to take over.

I really enjoy working with Joyce Zwanziger and her crew at Mumbo for the Castle Crags event, but this may be my last year because of making the drive up there. 

Mark and his family will be here in time for the 4th of July Security watches so he’ll share with George and I’ll take Kamille with me.

The Summit Century is not planned again this year and there is still no word about revitalizing the TinMan triathlon.  That leaves the BiketoberFest and the Headwaters marathon.  I’ll do my regular at the “airport” for the bike event but send Mark with George on the drive down to the lake.  George and I can do net control for the Headwaters. 

Even with cutting back it will be a busy summer.


I’ve been reading (and hearing) about the abandonment or destruction of those out-of-date malls from before the turn of the century.  Years ago I had an idea about how to use them rather than tear them down or let them sit and decay but never talked with anyone about it.

My thought was that they could be turned into education campuses serving children from pre-school through 12th grade, maybe even through the first two years of college or trade school depending on the physical size of the mall and the numbers and needs of the population served.

Children would be fed breakfast and lunch from the food courts which would also serve as the classroom for cooking classes in what used to be called domestic arts or for those interested in becoming cooks/chefs. 

Other “domestic arts” classes could include childcare by having older students help with the pre-schoolers and those in kindergarten.

Children would be integrated racially and economically.  Young children don’t make distinctions and once exposed to the “other” are less likely to accept prejudices.

Older students would mentor younger ones.  Smarter (?) students would help tutor those with problems. 

The center court would be physical education and recess areas with addition physical areas in parking lots.  There would be student-managed gardens on the roof, for both food and leisure, as well as solar and wind power arrays.

That was my basic thought.  There is more, but no room here to explain.  I still think it might work and be better than letting old malls sit and decay while schools also decay.

Oh well …


Passover began at sundown yesterday.  It is an interesting holiday highlighting the history of difficult demands and choices, in this case a cultural response to a “Sophie’s Choice” situation.

Chag Pesach Sameach to all those celebrating.


I was reading through an almanac last week and noticed there are several countries that celebrate a “Children’s Day” each April.  In Palestine it was the 5th.  In Bolivia, the 12th.  The Japanese have separate days for girls and boys. 

We have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and even Grandparent’s Day … but no Children’s or Girl’s or Boy’s Days … at least I’m not aware of any.  I wonder why.


Juanita Barnett (Pritchett) High School

To end the week … my name niece died last weekend. She graduated high school in 1970.  She turned 65 last month and so was looking forward to relaxing and enjoying.

The last time I talked with her (on her birthday two weeks ago) our conversation ended with “I love you” .


“Don’t leave unsaid how you feel about those in your life,”


 So … ’til next week …