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Short blog this week.  Quiet time without much to tell. 

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A cousin posted this on FB a few days ago and it struck a chord. 

I saw the queen with her diamonds
and laughed …

There are times after a rain when our trees are full of diamonds. 

Tree DiamondsI know I’ve mentioned this before, but this time (last thursday) I tried to get a picture to show you how that looks.  This is the best I could do.  You will have to take my word for it that were I to see a queen in her diamonds, I too would laugh. 

I have diamonds on trees when it rains and in the meadow when there is frost on snow. 

I am Blessed. 


Yesterday was weed appreciation day.  Made me think of dandelions.  Spring has been delayed this year, so there are no dandelions yet.  Guess we have to wait a bit longer for Spring Tonic salads and the eye pleasure of the bright yellow.




April’s reading woman is titled (appropriately) Reading Woman.  It was painted in 1907, oil on canvas, Yamashita Shintaro.


Nice Spring colours.


Tomorrow is our second trip to Medford this month.  Both George and I need to have our vision checked for new glasses.  There is a place in Yreka, but their prices seem as if they are gouging MediCare … so we’ll go north.

Of course, I wish I still had good sight.  But then I suppose I should be grateful to have any sight at all, right? 

I was once asked if I had to give up either seeing or hearing, which would I choose?  I think I’d choose to give up hearing.  I’ve had a lifetime of listening and can recall sounds …wind in the trees, my children laughing, good music, running water and surf, my husband’s soft breath when he is sleeping, bees in new blossoms, AC’s purring, the rustle of turning pages, family footsteps, and so much more.  But were I not able to see I’d really miss reading and spinning and knitting and watching children grow and seasons change. 

What about you? 

Which would you choose?


I loved this thought when I first saw it many years ago and when I saw this copy I knew I had to share …

Love Name

So ’til next week …



So … ’til next week …