8 March …


The circle of the year is changing rapidly and AC continues his journey toward adulthood.AC

It is now light outdoors when I come up after breakfast to check my email. And it is staying light later in the evening.  It will be time to change the clocks (AGAIN) next saturday and that will lead to the twice yearly fuss over such changes.  I personally am in favor of choosing one plan or the other and sticking to it.  Since I do my best work in the morning, I guess I’m in favor of the plan that provides light mornings and earlier evenings.  Oh well …



Last week I forgot to share the Reading Woman for this month.  Oops … 

She is “Girl Reading on a Divan”, 1920, painted by Isaac Israëls.


How long has it been since you heard anyone refer to a “divan”?  Of course, a real reader will read anywhere.  The contents of my “reading pile” change, but there are still at least six books there, four on the active pile and two others for later.  My current choices are going to Rome for cocktails in the 1920s, watching the solving of a cultural mystery in Cambridge in 2011, joining Holmes and Watson in Edwardian London, or exploring imagination in horror authors’ minds.

And speaking of reading … the mother of a young child said she was advised to teach the value of reading by reading, but that when she sits down to read, her son wants her attention and is disruptive.  Suggestions?

I thought about always having a book appropriate for his age available and giving it to him when he shows up.  Maybe include time for him to read out loud with time for his shared reading vs time for her individual reading as a bargaining point, i.e. you read to me for 5 minutes, I read to you for 5 minutes, and then we read to ourselves for 20 minutes.   

Any other ideas?


Back to the subject of horror … the rash of anti-Semitic behavior has me upset.  I don’t agree with or approve of all that is done by the bebe, but that isn’t every Jew and is no excuse for hateful behavior.

I just learned there had once been a Jewish cemetery here in Siskiyou County which has disappeared (?).  Maybe a summer excursion will be to see if I can locate the site.  I have a friend who does genealogy in this county and has a fondness for cemeteries.  I may ask her to join me.

And bones have been found (via ground penetrating radar) in what had been the Chinese cemetery.  We thought all the bodies had been returned to China a long time ago.

This might be a place to use my friend Mary’s dowsing rods way to locate buried bodies and determine their sex.  That could be really interesting.

So many fascinating things to do and I’m running out of time.  Oh well …


Weather is following the weird pattern.  We had a couple of days when Spring didn’t seem out of the question.  Then saturday morning it began to snow.

Last year it looked like this …7 Mar 2016

Monday we woke up to a new coat of 3.5″ of new snow.  Here’s the view out the back door …Back Door 7 March 2017

and here’s the courtyard gate …Gate 7 March 2017

It snowed all day yesterday and we now have about 6″ on the ground.

Are you tired of snow pictures yet?


Father and Sons is at it again.  This time for St. Patrick’s Day …father and Sons


Studying nouns and articles in Spanish is this week’s assignment.  I don’t understand the requirement that nouns have a gender designation, but I’m practicing. 


I recently saw this and it hit a chord … 


Fate will break your heart … and break your heart … and break your heart … over and over again until it stays open.

— Sufi proverb


So … ’til next week …